As of December 2019 we no longer sell AA Insure policies.

Personal Injury Cover

Extra cover for serious and minor injuries

Choose between two levels of cover

Get up to £50,000 or £100,000 (Personal Injury Plus) extra cover for serious and minor injuries on top of the £5,000 included with comprehensive policies.

More financial protection for more people

AA Insure Personal Injury provides cover for the policyholder, spouse, and any named drivers for up to £50,000 or £100,000 — whether driving or a passenger in the insured vehicle.

Secured with great cover features

Accidental death

£50,000 (£100,000 for Personal Injury Plus) of cover against accidental death while in the insured car.

Serious injury

Up to £50,000 (£100,000 for Personal Injury Plus) of cover against serious injury while in the insured car.

Minor injuries

Cover for minor injuries such as fractures and burns.

Extra cover for an accident

Personal Injury Cover runs alongside your active AA Insure Car Insurance.

We hope it never happens, but if you’re injured in a car accident, the simplest tasks become a challenge

Adding our Personal Injury Cover provides the extra comfort of up to £50,000, giving you peace of mind and extra financial protection for you and your family. The maximum benefit limit for Personal Injury Plus Cover is £100,000.

Buying Personal Injury Cover/Personal Injury Plus Cover

Personal Injury Cover/Personal Injury Plus Cover is normally added when buying your car insurance. Either select the option when you buy online or tell us when you call to accept your quote.

Policy documents

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